Any Success in Life Begins with the Right Mindset

Author: Curtis George Norton Jr.
July 01, 2019

Any Success in Life Begins with the Right Mindset

Why is it that some people achieve great success in life while others with the same talent never reach the same heights of accomplishment? Could it be something as simple as mindset? Believe it or not, your commitment to maintaining a positive mindset during good and bad times can have a potent influence on how successful you are at what you do.

 What is the Meaning of Mindset?

Mindset is values, attitude, and beliefs. Your mindset determines how you respond to various aspects of your life including the decision to grow personally and professionally. Your mindset about your strengths, weaknesses, and past experiences dictate how well you respond to setbacks, failures, stereotypes, successes, and triumphs.

What is the mindset that successful people have in common?

According to, aside from any magical, daily regimens or predictable habits, successful people have a growthmindset.

Further, they believe that with perseverance, you can expand your intellectual prowess, increase your skills, enhance your character and overcome obstacles.   These individuals are looking for ways to improve themselves through growth and problem-solving. Their counterparts, on the other hand, avoid new situations and rarely if ever step outside of their comfort zone. When we purposefully change our mindset to that of growth we in effect make a conscious decision to transform our lives (

How to Improve Your Mindset

You may very well have the talent to be successful, but how do you change your mindset to achieve success? To obtain a growth or positive mindset, you must take action to change the way you approach decision-making practices and life in general. Once you alter your way of thinking, you will see other positive changes take effect.

Here are five things you can do to achieve a growth mindset.

Surround Yourself with Others Who Have a Positive Mindset
It may seem cliché, but there is value in choosing to be around others who have similar goals and a growth mindset. These people will be there to offer positive affirmations and to encourage you to challenge yourself in life.  They will seem like a breath of fresh air and ultimately contribute to your successes. Meanwhile, your goal should be to replace the negative people in your life as they may hold you back from changing your way of thinking.
Learn from Your Mistakes.  Your natural inclination might be to run away from your mistakes or bury your head in the sand to hide from failures but the best thing you can do is to learn from your mistakes. Identify what went well and what contributed to the failure and look for opportunities to establish best practices for what not to do next time.
Know Your Strengths

People often talk about knowing your weaknesses and looking for ways to improve them but knowing and owning your strengths and how to leverage them for success will support your growth mindset and trigger positive energy.

Set Goals and Achieve Results

To achieve a growth mindset, you should establish measurable goals. Next, take the necessary steps to complete them. Talking is easy but taking action will go a long way to steer you in the direction of success.

Solicit Feedback
Soliciting feedback may generate negative thoughts, but it should not generate negative energy. You will want to don your armor or Teflon vest and get ready to receive input and look forward to improving performance.

This particular action can be especially potent in the workplace when you solicit feedback from a leader in your organization. You can use the input to seek growth opportunities at your company and for the entrepreneur improve quality of service and profitability of your business.

"I owe my success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice, and then going away and doing the exact opposite." -- G. K. Chesterton


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