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The Movers & Shakers Network is a business and entrepreneurial network designed to provide informational tools, resources, and principles for success and growth. God has inspired the necessary principles required, to not only obtain wealth, but to maintain and sustain wealth. Through the practical teaching of key success principles found in the word of God, and the applicable knowledge and understanding of business the path to success is made all the clearer.

The 21st Century has afforded the necessity for ministry models that understand the relevancy of community and corporate partnerships. In simple words, consulting means offering an expert opinion in a field. Consultants and consultancy firms are the common terms used with regards to professionals who provide wide knowledge on a subject.

For smaller, medium size ministries and businesses, an outside consultant offers the following advantages:

  • Objective advice not geared toward political advancement or promotion.
  • Frame of reference and best practices from other clients.
  • Models and methodology to gain results more quickly than internal trial and error.
  • Permanent transfer of skills to internal people.
  • Bring the church and her culture to a relevant position,


Moving Forward Is Making Decisions

For some, success is elusive and hard to reach. Other people on the other hand, say there’s a formula for success and that you have to live by it should you wish to reap success. Read More by Clicking Here

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Top Choice Consulting LLC

Top Choice is limited liability company (LLC) consisting of one principal officer Curtis George Norton, A  decorated USAF veteran with over 25 years of leadership and organizational development experience.  Top Choice Consulting specializes in Camaraderie, Team Building, Customer Retention and Secuity Contingencies based on his military experience and over 20 years in non – profit and for profit organizations.  They’ve developed a system of programs when combined with the practices, policies and principals of any organization will increase productivity, morale, customer retention and safety.

Top Choice offers small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs a reliable, high quality resource for business coaching and professional management development on both a local and national scale. Its mission is to help clients develop the strategy, motivation and accountability required to succeed in their business and personal lives. 





People Have Questions And Want Answers

People Have Questions And Want Answers

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Meaningful Conversation - Value Others

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