New Year New You

Understand Your Purpose

January 20, 2021
A 2012 article posted on the business networking site LinkedIn pointed out that truly motivated people see a purpose in what they do. These days it seems like most people are just working for their pay check, but if people see a greater point in what they are doing, they are mor...


Maintain Or Achieve A Positive Outlook

January 19, 2021
Just about every resource out there on staying motivated mentions a positive outlook as a must-have character attribute. If you tend to have a more positive outlook, you're likely a more motivated person.  If you don't usually have a very positive outlook and you have troub...


Key Characteristics Of The Motivated Mindset

January 18, 2021
Whether you're trying to motivate yourself or trying to motivate others, it's important to know that there are certain things that generally motivated people have in common. If you think this way, you're probably fairly motivated.  If you want to be motivated, consider ...


Be Mindful

January 15, 2021
Achieving a mindset of mindfulness will prevent you from being overwhelmed by the work required to achieve your goals.  When you are mindful you are aware of,  and able to take advantage of, every opportunity as it presents itself. Mindfulness will  focus y...


Be Proactive

January 14, 2021
The importance of personal growth should not be underestimated. if you want to build the best possible life for yourself, you have to be the architect.  You need to be proactive. You are the one who has to take the steps to move your life in the right direction. Seriou...


Growth is Necessary

January 13, 2021
Happiness can be described as contentment. However contentment cannot be continuous if it remains static. It is the nature of humans to be ambitious and to continue to strive. Happiness has to be earned and a state of joy cannot be maintained without continuous action and gro...


Decide, Learn, Act

January 12, 2021
Decide, Learn, Act Personal growth is a process that lasts a lifetime. It embraces techniques that seek to improve your habits and behaviors, motivating you to develop and become a better person. Better is a very subjective term; what constitutes ‘better’ will ...


Plan A Balanced Life

January 11, 2021
As you mature it is important to take the time to love and nurture yourself. It is important to seek growth in all areas of your life. Achieving success (by your own definition) and peace of mind depends on a well-balanced life. A happy balanced life will include social and s...


The Importance of Personal Growth

January 08, 2021
Personal growth is the progression that takes you from childhood through all stages of your life. All aspects of your emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual well-being grows and matures as a result of your personal development.    


The Benefits Of Taking Small Steps Towards Your Goal

January 06, 2021
When we first think of a goal or some aspiration that we want to achieve, we often think long-term and are so focused on the reward. At first, this is a very exciting and motivating concept, but on the lazy days or stressful ones, you may need more to motivate you. When the goal ...


First Steps cont...

January 05, 2021
I start to discover effective ways to reach my goal. This is the true power of goal setting. I actively and subconsciously think about my goal until it is achieved. I regularly attain my goals because it comes easy to me. I have experienced great success with achieving my g...


First Steps

January 04, 2021
The first step to successfully attaining anything meaningful is to set a goal. Goals help me focus on one primary objective. When I create a clear target and deadline, it is easier to reach my goal. I make a point to set a goal before pursuing anything significant in my lif...


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