Core Values

The Basics – That Which Instills Balance

The essential beliefs of Faith which shape us, forming our decisions whether morally, spiritually or physically are the foundational stones (core values) which establish and define balance in our lives. Through lifestyle evangelism we will focus on discipleship, prioritizing a worldview which aligns Kingdom purpose, and maximizes potential in every generation regardless of race, creed, nationality or color.

We Partner with likeminded purpose to ensure the multiplication of objectives, to the region, nation and the world. Through a focused and detailed commitment, we will prepare the next generation of leader(s) to understand their God given value, destiny and purpose.

There are many, in the Church as well as out of it, who need to learn that Christianity is neither a creed nor a ceremonial, but a life vitally connected with a living Christ. — JOSIAH STRONG



The Victory Center

A spiritual core community designed to provide the reset and restoration of the lost, down and out, an up and coming. To build people of Purpose, Potential, Praise and Possibility, our mandate is achieved as we intentionally create environments for the nations to experience a living God, embrace a Kingdom ideology and walk in Expectant Faith. We have been given an assignment to teach the Uncompromised Word of God so that purpose is revealed.


Married Strong 4 Life

Wow, we are so excited about this season of blessings and trust you and yours are experiencing God's Favor!

We believe now is the time to showcase the marriage model God originally intended.

This has been a long journey of passion and desire to see the best that marriage has to offer.

We began this journey nearly 33 years ago via Covenant Rules 1+1=1, presently in its third printing and has become our signature couples forum curriculum.

This two-day intensive with optional follow-up panel format is life-changing, thanks to God!

We received a mandate to further expand marriage ministry through an initiative entitled,

Married Strong 4 Life 1,000,000 by 2020!

Awesome testimonies have come in as couples have joined the pledge to model marriage God's way.

If you haven't already, we invite you and your friends to join.

We know the Father will get the Glory for His Idea of Marriage, wonderful things are on the horizon!

Thanks to each of you for your prayers and support your partnership is invaluable.

Please continue to stay connected we need your help to spread the word, and assist us with the messaging for this global mandate.

We welcome all who have a desire to do life together - God's way.

We will send you updates about all the excitement happening with Married Strong 4 Life!

Check out the marriage and relationships video exerpts in the "Message Archive Section!" 


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