"Unity in Viewing: A New Era of Community Engagement"

At the heart of our Church is a drive to influence and elevate society. Embracing a borderless mission, we're committed to uplifting communities everywhere, from local to global. With 37 years of transformative impact, the Nortons have reached multitudes through their entrepreneurial and community-driven projects.

Now, we introduce "Life Talks TV" by Norton Ministries. Available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and On-Demand, it's more than just a channel—it's a source of inspiration and spiritual connection. Dive into content that resonates and rejuvenates. With Life Talks Television Network, it's not just viewing; it's a movement. Join the vibe today.

Empowering Generations: Tina P. Norton's Vision for Global Female Advancement

Rev. Tina P. Norton, a symbol of resilience and community service, has championed women's empowerment through her impactful initiative, "My Sensational Me," for thirty-three years. 

This curriculum, collaborating with respected organizations, is crafted to empower women with knowledge and confidence. Appointed Chair of the Suffolk County Women's Advisory Commission after serving over seven years in various committees is a testament to her past efforts and vision for global women's futures. From her Harlem roots, her unique teaching approach and authored works resonate globally. 

The "Little Ladies Network" and its extended "Sensational Me Science and Soul Series" amplify her commitment to female empowerment. With the "My Sensational Me Mentor Forum," Tina's promise stands strong: to shape and inspire future leaders, marking a brighter, empowered tomorrow.

Triangle Community Development Corporation (TCDC)

An Ongoing Commitment to Tri-State's Progress and Well-being, Even When We Pause.
Who We Are:

TCDC's mission is to uplift the Tri-State Region by empowering, enhancing, and reinvigorating communities, fostering self-sufficiency, and improving the lives of residents, workers, and thriving locals.

Our Vision:

While we may be temporarily halting our direct services, our unwavering vision remains steadfast. We take inspiration from the timeless parable of the Good Samaritan and strive to create a community where neighbors look out for each other, fostering mutual respect and understanding.

Our Philosophy:

Our passion goes beyond physical and economic development; we strive to address human needs by fostering public/private collaborations that effectively utilize resources to enhance the overall well-being of the New York State Tri-State.


Stay Engaged:


Although our services are currently paused, we encourage you to stay connected with us. You can join our mailing list, follow us on social media, or explore our online resources. We are preparing for the next chapter and would love for you to be a part of it. Let's work together to keep the spirit of our community alive and thriving.

The Key to Living Your Best Life

Are you willing to Invest in the Life You Have
to Get The Life You Want?

The Change Begins with Words!!

Knowledge is the only thing that allows us to change our behavior very quickly. At some point in life, many if not most people will become dissatisfied with themselves. Whether the issue is professional plateaus, low self-esteem, or something else, people who want to lead healthier, happier lives need to implement strategies that will facilitate long-term change.

Let’s Begin The RESET!

Every change first starts within.

 Congratulations on wanting to be more intentional about your life.

People that tell you it takes time are wrong. The change starts as soon as you decide it does - Time is what's needed to make it stick and remain a habit, and also usually required to see the results of those changes.  You deserve to live the life of your dreams! 

Connect with us NOW and

Let Us Go To The Next Level Together!



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