The Church and her culture is responsible for impacting all aspects of society. The mission of the church is to be a preserver of the localities they serve whether, local regionally, nationally or internationally. We believe our mission is to provide the road or highways through designated place of service for each of us, whether individually or collectively. For over 35 years The Norton’s have transformed communities around the world. They currently have established local, regional and national community outreaches through the umbrella of Triangle Community Development Corporation,

My Sensational Me

My Sensational Me is in its nineteenth year serving community outreach via the teaching curriculum for Women of All ages founded and authored by Tina P. Norton. It has secured the future of young women everywhere. It celebrated a four-year partnership with the March of Dimes, as well as was in collaboration with the NYS Department of Health, and the Nassau County Prenatal Network. My Sensational Me, strategically set forums to educate today's healthy woman. It seeks to empower girls to value their worth, education, and health with tools that help them make solid, constructive decisions.

Mentor Forum

The My Sensational Me Mentor Forum builds on the tenets of Value, Purpose, and Destiny as every young person is full of capacity and potential. The goals of this evidence-based program are to increase knowledge, influence behavior, build assets, and improve abilities. This online platform will continue to support the ability to train, motivate todays and tomorrow leaders.


Triangle Community Development Corporation

TCDC works to improve, enhance, empower, build and redevelop the community to promote self-sufficiency and improve the quality of life of the people who live, work, worship, attend school, or own property or a business in the specific Tri-State Region

OUR VISION - committed to Revitalization and Redevelopment! Like the Good Samaritan, we want our neighbors to look after one another, to trust each other and to have respect for each other.

PHILOSOPHY - Combining attention to the physical and economic development aspects of the community's quality of life with a focus on its human service’s needs, seeking to build public/private relationships that maximize access to and use of resources that can be used to improve the "health" of New York State, Tri-State and national communities.

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