Change is Hard but Fighting it is Harder

November 19, 2020

Most people don’t like change, but we all know that change is an unavoidable part of life. When faced with change we have two primary choices: Embrace it or Fight it. Our natural response is typically to fight change because by nature change is uncomfortable and unfamiliar.

However, this decision to fight change can actually prove to be more difficult for us in the long run than choosing to embrace the change and move forward. Outlined are four primary ways fighting change can be detrimental to our overall wellness and productivity.

Waste Time

As previously stated, change is inevitable. However, when we adopt an avoidant approach to change, we waste time and energy. The time and effort we put into running from changes takes away from the time we could be using to learn and adapt.

This ultimately prolongs our overall process because eventually, when we realize we must go through the change anyway, we have to then spend additional time learning and adjusting. We then realize we could have been that much further ahead if we had just embraced the change from the beginning.

Limit Knowledge

Facing change provides a very valuable opportunity for us to gain more information and experience. The fact is, there are some things you can only learn via experience. So, pushing through change and choosing to embrace it offers the opportunity to gain more knowledge, increase flexibility, and enhance resilience.

These then become tools that can be leveraged in the future to better help you overcome challenges and other changes you may face. However, running from change robs you of the opportunity to sharpen/obtain skills that leaves you at a disadvantage. You essentially remain stagnant, stuck only with the information and skills you currently possess, but unable to move beyond where those skills and that information will take you.

Limit Progress

There is never any progress made that is not accompanied by change. Running from change, as stated above prolongs our process, which ultimately prolongs our progress as well. If we never face new situations and learn new information and skills, we become limited in our knowledge and abilities. These limitations hold us back in life and keep us from moving forward intellectually, professionally, and personally. In order to go places, we must first grow, and change is the vehicle that allows us to do 

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