How Can You Train Your Mind to Think Positively? Part 2

Author: Curtis George Norton Jr.
July 22, 2019

Take Control of Your Thoughts

Easier said than done, right? Sometimes our thoughts just run rampant and we don’t even realize it. Before you know it you’re in a foul mood simply because you’ve let a negative thought sequence take over your entire mood.
Acknowledge your thoughts.

What are you thinking about right now?
Are your thoughts causing you distress or supporting a happy disposition?

Pay attention to how your body is reacting to your thoughts. Be aware of how you are breathing, how your body feels and reacts to any given circumstance.

You have the power to think about whatever you want. You have the ultimate say in where your mind goes and what you choose to focus on, be it good or bad. But first you have to acknowledge and take control.

However, this does require some degree of conscious, mindful effort. As explained, our subconscious is dedicated to our survival. Stepping above that, to improving ourselves, and our attitude and perspective, requires engaging our conscious, thinking, rational mind.


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