I Choose to Be Successful

September 25, 2020

I choose to be successful.

Doing well in life takes important decision-making. My success is completely dependent on my commitment to achieve meaningful goals.

When I choose to be successful at something, each decision I make is directly tied to achieving that success. I recognize that having the resolve to hit a target means very few things are allowed to get in the way.

My ongoing goal to receive promotions at work is reflected in the effort I put in. The desired result drives me to push harder and work smarter.

When others try to get me to slow down, I ignore them. It is more important to me to remain focused on my desired results. Keeping the end in mind is all I need to maintain consistent effort.

I choose to be successful with my relationships. Even in negative situations, I am committed to working towards a positive resolution that can strengthen our relationship.

I do my best to nurture my friendships. Feeding positivity into relationships is a conscious step towards ensuring they remain successful. The longevity of those unions is directly related to daily maintenance of them.

Today, I expect success because I make a conscious choice to achieve it. I commit to an ongoing effort to realize my victories. My path remains clear because I avoid letting obstacles distract me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

How does positive thinking help me to courageously go after difficult goals?
Are there external factors that influence how I measure my success?
How can I make daily choices that lead me toward my goal?

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