How Can You Train Your Mind to Think Positively? Part 1

Author: Curtis George Norton Jr.
July 19, 2019

How Can You Train Your Mind to Think Positively?

The brain is a powerful tool. Every life experience marks a notch in our brain, with the ultimate goal of survival. Being happy and thinking positively aren’t things that come naturally to many of us, especially if we’ve allowed life, and external events, to determine our mood and attitude.

The good news is you can train your mind to find that ray of sunshine, the light at the end of the tunnel, the good in any situation, if you give it the proper tools and apply them. If you find yourself thinking more on the negative side, keep reading. We will explore several ways for you to get control over your mind and think positively!

Understanding Negativity

First, we need to fully understand where all the negativity is coming from before we can stop it. Our minds take every situation and go into survival mode. The brain recognizes the difficulty in any given situation and provides you with the easiest and quickest way to get out of it.

Then it locks in these painful memories and difficult situations and refers to them in times of stress, giving us a reference point on how to deal with what’s happening now.

It’s automatic. It’s a pattern. This is unconscious  behavior, and it served our primitive ancestors well, keeping them safe from the many harms that availed them. And we allow it, because escape or avoidance is easier than going head-on into difficult times and persevering with positivity.

We are assigning more power to the negative than positive. The recurring negative thoughts become second nature and it affects every aspect of our lives. It’s time to break the cycle and learn how to think positively!


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