My Dreams Drive My Goal Setting

October 01, 2020

My dreams drive my goal setting.

I am a big dreamer and believe in my abilities. This attitude drives me to reach for greater things.

Each dream I conceive is followed by a plan for achievement. I structure my game plan for turning the dream into a goal.

I set smaller, attainable goals that lead to the ultimate goal. That makes it easier for me to keep moving forward. I also celebrate each milestone I achieve. That approach helps to remind me that I am capable of anything I set my mind to.

Although I dream big, I am realistic. I give priority to the dreams that speak to my innermost desires.

I consider how my goals can impact my loved ones. I want my family and friends to share in my happiness and achievements. I always remember to thank them for their love and support. I am conscious that they are the backbone of my existence.

I share my dreams with those who are important to me. I take their advice and listen to their guidance. Their involvement helps to keep me grounded and realistic.

Today, I declare that the sky is the limit. My life is full of possibilities. I endeavor to go after every opportunity that can make me happy and successful. I commit to breaking the barriers that try to limit my potential.

Self-Reflection Questions:

Do detractors ever succeed at discouraging me from going after a goal?
How do I respond when I am unable to achieve something by a specific timeline?
Do I encourage others who dare to dream big?

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