Change Your Perspective and You Change Your Life

Change Your Perspective and You Change Your Life

November 23, 2020

Your perspective, or the way you view a situation/scenario, can either make you or break you. When we choose to view things from a negative lens, we negatively impact our mood, our potential, and our ability to succeed. However, when we choose to view things positively, we have the ability to have a significant positive impact within our own lives and even the lives of others in both the short and long-term.

Positive Mood

One of the most significant impacts our perspectives have is on our mood and mental well-being. A negative perspective views change and challenges as something to be feared and avoided. This attitude and approach produce a stress response that can increase our anxiety and cause us to respond in anger, with sorrow, or even become totally isolated.

A positive perspective, on the other hand, changes our view of change and challenges to one of opportunity. Through this lens, we become open to change and challenges and are better able to embrace them which means they don’t become stressors in our lives. This helps us maintain our peace and calm so that we can reason and function, thereby more appropriately respond to the situation or scenario (Solarin, 2017).


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