Dealing with Change: The Role of Your Mindset III

Dealing with Change: The Role of Your Mindset III

November 30, 2020

Practicing gratitude develops from seeing positive changes.  When your focus is on change as an opportunity, you are grateful for the lessons you learn and the growth you experience.  A growth mindset helps you deal with change by reinforcing it as an opportunity to achieve, not to fail.  You see failure as learning, not as a personal attack on your abilities.
Find Positive Support
Your internal mindset can be affected by external forces, especially the influence your friends and family have with you. To maintain a growth mindset, you need positive support from family and friends.  Developing a group of people who support you, including mentors, coworkers, and coaches for life or business, gives the positive support you need.
Having positive support helps keep you focused when change is challenging for you.  Positive support can also provide learning and information to help you overcome challenges.  Building a positive support network improves your growth mindset.
The physical act of volunteering your time and talents helps support a growth mindset and deal with change.  When you value your skills, sharing them with others to help them is an outward expression of your growth mindset.  You help others grow, and in turn, you develop yourself.
When you volunteer, you see how progress is possible.  When change happens, you will deal with it more effectively because you know that you can work through it and overcome any challenges.  Volunteering reinforces your mindset to deal with change.
Your mindset effects how you deal with change. Creating a growth mindset helps you stay focused on the positives and reach your goals. 


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