Decide, Learn, Act

Decide, Learn, Act

January 12, 2021

Decide, Learn, Act

Personal growth is a process that lasts a lifetime. It embraces techniques that seek to improve your habits and behaviors, motivating you to develop and become a better person. Better is a very subjective term; what constitutes ‘better’ will vary depending on a range of factors, external and internal.

What is most important is firstly to apply conscious thought to what you consider better. When determinations have been reached (these do not need to be grand, simply an improvement from your current situation in a particular area or facet of yourself) the next step is self-education.  Active pursuit of knowledge is a quest for a richer more contented life.

While knowledge alone will move you towards your goal, by activating your subconscious mind, conscious and wilful action will get you there much faster.


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