Change Your Perspective and You Change Your Life II

Change Your Perspective and You Change Your Life II

November 24, 2020

Increase Learning Opportunities

When we view things from a positive lens, we are better able to see growth and learning opportunities. A positive perspective allows us to see the lesson or a bigger picture of a scenario versus solely focusing on the problem. A mind that sees the lesson or learning opportunity will take a more exploratory approach that improves the chances of new skills and information being obtained (Cole, 2016). These new skills and that new information can then be leveraged and applied to situations in the future.

Enhanced Success Opportunities

The more open you are and the more you learn, the greater the chances of success become. Most people who have a negative perspective don’t go on to experience much success. This is because their perspective keeps them from trying new things, venturing into unfamiliar territory, and challenging themselves in any meaningful way.

This negative perspective acts as an anchor, tying people to their current level of knowledge or being, and simultaneously keeping them from being able to move forward. When we adopt a positive perspective, it allows us to venture out and try new things, seek new information, and explore new territory that increases our chances of succeeding.

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