Dealing with Change: The Role of Your Mindset II

Dealing with Change: The Role of Your Mindset II

November 27, 2020

Long Term Vision
Long with a mindset focused on the present, you also need a long-term vision for your future. With careful consideration and planning, your mindset becomes prepared to use change to help you achieve your goals.  Reaching your goals requires commitment and hard work.  To deal with change effectively, you need a long-term vision as part of your mindset.

Look for Positive Changes
Your mindset can be either negative or positive, depending on how you chose to focus. A growth mindset concentrates on the positive changes in your life.  Taking note of positive changes helps you use these experiences and build on them to reach your goals.   Even what may seem like a negative change can motivate you to create a positive outcome. 
While meditation helps you focus on the change itself in the present, looking for positive changes enables you to categorize changes and shapes your reaction to them.  Changes are rarely merely good or bad.  How you deal with them depends on if your mindset helps you see them as positive or negative.  Looking for positive changes in yourself and your situation, helps you stay on track and committed to personal growth.


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