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The 12 – Discipleship Network

Cost: $59.00 monthly
In the lifespan of a computer or data transmission system, a reset clears any pending errors or events. In like fashion, real life causes us to be retuned from failures, discouragements and disappointments. These things can be eradicated through a reset. RESET - Merriam Webster’s definition - To set Again or Anew. Your future will only be as bright as the illumination of your present. Who or What is enlightening your mind with conversation, or thought engagement?

The 12 – Discipleship Network- Subscription to “The 70,” and assisting those men and women who feel a call to higher purpose. 

Whether ministry, entrepreneurialism, civic or community engagement. Private group telephone and group video chats.  Reserved seating and gatherings at events.

Be a part of and gain unlimited access to these growth forums:
The VFCC Bible Institute/The Movers and Shakers Membership Site Academy
Group/Individual Mentoring Programs, Public/Private Facebook Groups
Online Workshops
Private Access to Call or Email You on a Regular Basis
VIP Days

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